Day 4

By Sandy Schenck

It was yet another fabulous day at the GRP!  Session 1.5 returned from their campout and got all cleaned up in time for a yummy lunch of hamburgers.  Campers reported that some of their favorite parts of the campout were playing in Hemlock Field before dinner last night, exploring the surrounding woods, and roasting marshmallows.<br /><br />Both Session 1 and 1.5 campers participated in activities ranging from theater to fly-tying this afternoon, in spite of intermittent rainstorms.  The campers who made sassafras tea and cooked cornbread in an iron skillet in Outdoor Cooking loved tasting their concoctions at dinnertime.  And the storms cleared up in time for the lake to be open for free swim--noodles galore!<br /><br />But by far the most exciting part of the day was the ...drumroll please.... sighting of a copperhead snake and a deer!! for the earliest-in-a-session Grand Slam in GRP history, according to Sandy. Campers enjoyed all-you-can-eat ice cream sundaes after dinner, and after a fun evening program--songs and stories at the Lower Council Fire (held in the Lodge due to rain)--they watched a spectacular fireworks show.<br /><br />That will be hard to beat tomorrow, but we'll do our best!<br /><br /><a href="">Photos from Day 4</a><br />