Day 4 Update

By Sandy Schenck

After a breakfast of biscuits, scrambled eggs, grits, bacon, cereal and more, the campers learned the word of the day from a short, but informative skit put on by counselors Gillian and Avery. And that word was tangent. The campers were encouraged to use the word throughout the day.

As part of the announcements, the campers were reminded to find their spirit stones since there aren’t many days left. How can that be? They just got here!

During the mentor hikes, some brave campers showed fortitude while exploring Indian Cave. Others traveled back in time by learning about the history of the area at Hemlock Fields. Another group climbed up to Lower Bald to enjoy the most awesome mountain view and screamed “thank you” to the valley below. The campers particularly enjoyed listening to the echoes. That must’ve been thrilling.

Some campers discovered bears scratchings and where turkeys had dusted earlier in the morning, but not the actual animals. Perhaps tomorrow…

After lunch, the cabin fairy and sidekick, Lars, came for a visit as well. Hemlock Hut 1 and Spirit Winds 2 won the clean cabin awards! (A video will be uploaded soon.)

Afternoon activities included pottery, fly-fishing, various crafts and more.

Dinner this evening was particularly delicious: pot roast on a bed of potatoes, carrots, celery and onions, rice with gravy, croissants with butter and as always, a most spectacular salad bar with veggies from the farm along with mixed greens topped off with ice cream… not on the salad of course.

This evening was the variety show. I glanced at the sign-up sheet and here’s some of what I saw:

Maggie, AK and Kathryn – play the piano
Margaret – numbers of pie
Ella – hula hoop violin extravaganza
Dragon Master – dancing with bears
Grey – say the states of America
Kate, Ava, Moose, Dante – skit (the last two are camp dogs by the way)

I hope to have more about the show tomorrow.