Day 4 Update

By Sandy Schenck

Today there were “hikes of epic proportions” polar bears, head-dunking… actually entire body-dunking and then something a little different.

Bentor told us that his group, the Sweet Baby Angels, along with Dante, visited an old mine with picks and shovels in hand. He went on to say that they dug a hole waist-deep and found handfuls of emeralds, but that they decided to keep their findings to themselves so they really couldn’t show their found treasure to the rest of us at lunchtime. Funny how that worked out. I might have to look into this further…

Right after lunch the cabin fairy and trusty sidekick, Lars, graced the campers with their presence. They awarded the campers in Little Tree 2 and All Tucked In 1 the clean cabin award which is a bright pink plastic flamingo! (I just thought of this… perhaps you guys should start wearing a purple dress, wings and wave a wand around to get your children to clean their rooms at home… or maybe not. It probably wouldn’t work at my house either.)