Day 7--Session 1 Campout Returns!

By Sandy Schenck

We were so excited this afternoon to see our Session 1 campers trooping back into camp after their campouts; it was getting a little lonely around here, after Session 1.5 left yesterday! Campers had a great time on the campout, even with inclement weather; they remarked that the rain actually kept them cool while they were hiking. Some campers hiked all the way up to Long Rock and got to see a beautiful sunset yesterday evening; others loved seeing the Spire, a rock formation on the GRP. Another group saw a copperhead; they were excited about seeing the first animal toward a possible second Grand Slam for this session! Campers enjoyed playing ultimate Frisbee once they arrived at their campout destinations, and they reported that shelters and tarps kept them dry at night. We are glad they are all back safe and sound, and they were glad to take showers upon their return!

The stormy weather has passed for now, and it is beautiful and sunny; after getting cleaned up and resting a bit, campers are heading out to the swim lake and the field for free swim and games, or just to relax, if they wish. Tonight we will have a cookout, for our hungry returning hikers, and then we will relax some more with a movie and popcorn. Tomorrow a.m., we will be back on the trail, with more exciting mentor hikes, and tomorrow afternoon, we will be back in the swing of things with afternoon activities. Stay tuned for further updates!