Day 8

By Sandy Schenck

We are enjoying gorgeous weather here at the GRP, which has been terrific for mentor hikes and activities today! Lots of good news from mentor hikes; every single camper who went up to Uncles Falls this morning polar beared, which means they stood under the waterfall, braving the cold water for as long as it takes to yell polar bear! three times. They also saw lots of cool salamanders, including one that was about 8 inches long, and 4 campers even ventured through the Salamander Womb, which is a short, narrow, twisty cave, sort of a tunnel, that you enter below the falls and slither through on your stomach, emerging next to the pool of water at the bottom of the falls. The hikers to Hemlock Field report seeing so many snails that it was a veritable snail convention, as well as lots of crawfish in the creek; another group was excited about their trip to the farm, where their harvest included cauliflower and radishes for us to enjoy at dinner.

A wide variety of activities were going on this afternoon. Campers in Field Games were excited about playing that Field Game classic, Ultimate Frisbee; those in canoeing were learning their strokes and how to rescue each other, should they capsize. Other campers started making baskets, and several were expanding their drawing and painting skills, working with watercolor and sketching in pencil, among other media. The fencers were enjoying the scenery next to the canoe lake as they practiced their extensions and parrying.

Evening program kicked off with Pirate Night; the Lodge was all dressed up for dinner, complete with skullandcrossbones flags, black streamers, and candles, to set the mood. Campers and staff put on their best pirate disguises: bandannas, eye patches, ruffled shirts. After that, staff members put on their best camouflage gear and headed out to hide, for Staff Hunt; the evening finished when all the found staff members had to jump into the lake! We’re looking forward to tomorrow!