Day Two

By Sandy Schenck

The morning started with the usual activities of either hikes or climbing and pioneer skills. On just the first day we have acquired new Polar Bears, cave explorers, and awe-inspiring views of The Balds. One of our mentor groups this morning even saw a timber rattlesnake. That’s one out of four that we need for a Grand Slam!!! After lunch and rest hour the first of the afternoon activities started. Campers learned various skills like Archery, BB Skeet, Fencing, Creek Exploration, and many more. Then campers had their first shot at free time in the lake, on the zip line, or out on the field playing games. After dinner clean-up later that evening, there was a visit from Ortman and Snuggles and we got the first clue in “Ort Mystery Theatre” (Dant Dant Daa!) The day ended with the traditional Upper Council Fire and one of Bob’s stories.

Photos here.