Days of Inspiration

By Green River Preserve

Waking up to the bell ringing in their ears, the campers look at each other and pull their covers back over their heads, none wanting to get out of bed and step into the chilly morning air. Counselors from both Boysville and Girlsville pop out of bed to get the campers hyped for the day. As they head up to breakfast you can see a bit of pep emerging from every child, one by one. They all sit down for the morning meal after greeting the day and the Green River Preserve lodge explodes into chatter. After scarfing down some breakfast, the children are ready for their hikes as well as the rest of the day.

Next, they disperse and set off for their morning adventures, which include archeology, farming, polar bearing, caves, hiking and bushwhacking their way through the Preserve wilderness. They learn how to be persistent, quiet, curious, adventurous and brave but most importantly, happy.
Upon returning to base camp, talk of the morning adventures with one another begins while devouring lunch. Laughter radiates throughout the lodge when the cabin fairy comes out for the daily cabin inspection, when they learn which cabin is the cleanest (it’s kind of a big deal, with a pink lawn flamingo given as a trophy). Then it’s off to rest hour, which is the BEST hour, when reading, drawing, journaling or sleeping take place to prepare everyone for the rest of the day.

As the bell rings again, campers run to their activities for the afternoon. While some may be returning to past favorites, others may be trying out new activities for the first time. One can feel the joy in the air as campers learn new skills or perfect old ones. Free time comes next, when campers get to enjoy the company of their new and old friends. Some choose to swim and play field games while others hang out in Hammockville or visit the camp store to acquire some new GRP swag.
Yet another bell rings, signaling the campers it’s time to head back to cabins for an hour of personal time before heading up to dinner where a middle-age style feast ensues while conversing about their afternoon activities and the excitement for the day’s evening program. The evening program is different every night and keeps the kids and staff laughing and playing into the early evening. “Sisters Brothers” is sung to end the day and it’s off to bed. Every cabin ends the night with Rose, Bud, Thorn, which is a great way to take the time to talk about everyone’s favorite part of their day and what they are looking forward to the next day before laying down to drift off to sleep and dream the night away. Needless to say, it’s always another inspiring, memorable day at Green River Preserve.

Ellia Leger