Did You Say "Wagon Wheel"?

By Anne Mead

Have you ever had the magic of a song take you back to a moment in time? Maybe it triggers a memory of when you were with your best friend, or when your sports team was getting ready for a big game, or that time you and your family were singing in the car.

The other night, I was in the kitchen when “Wagon Wheel” came on the radio in the living room. I heard Phen, our four-year-old son, excitedly exclaim, “Mama its the camp song! They sing this at the Upper Council Fire.” Then another jubilant shout came from the living room, “Dada! Its the camp song.” Phen then got really, really excited and said, “maybe ‘Mud’ will be next and then ‘Banana Slug.’”

It was hard to explain to him that the radio man did not know our traditional camp line-up. Thankfully, YouTube is around and we were able to recreate (as much as possible) the Council Fire magic in our living room. Yes indeed, we all sang that dirty song – “MUD” – and then “Banana Slug.” And then Phen promised to teach all his friends at school these GRP songs because according to him, “They need to know these!”

It is so wonderful the memories that music can conjure up and at such an early age. Has music transformed you recently back to GRP? I hope so. Happy listening and happy memories.