By Green River Preserve

Day One of Green River Preserve’s one-week session was a success! Today gave campers just a small taste of the exciting and fun-packed discoveries that they will be making this week. Beginning the day with french toast, sausage, and fruit galore, campers had plenty of energy for their very first Mentor Hikes. Each Mentor, along with a counselor, led a group of campers along the trails of GRP, providing each camper with fantastic new learning experiences and opening their eyes to the natural wonders around them. Liquid sunshine (rain!) fell from the sky and nurtured all of the plants this morning, but the sun came out and shone brightly all through the hikes.

All the buzz around Camp is the Copperhead sighting on one of the Mentor Hikes, which is a part of the Grand Slam animal sighting. A “Grand Slam” is declared when a Copperhead, turkey, bear, and deer are all spotted during the Session. The Grand Slam is an unparalleled discovery and calls for celebration -there is nothing like it!

Today campers may have found themselves surrounded by tall White Pines, crab-crawling across the moss-spotted Upper or Lower Balds, or standing bravely under the cool, refreshing waterfalls. Some campers tasted the Granny-Smith-like bite of the Sourwood leaf and the sweet Fruit-Loopy flavor of the Sassafras leaf for the first time today.

All, in all, campers are falling right into their new routines and are discovering their niches here as they make themselves at home at GRP. There is nothing like seeing a child learn a new camp song for the first time or stand upon the Upper Balds with their mouths agape and their wide eyes scouring the hills, just soaking it all in. This truly was a marvelous day!

- Jessica, Spirit Winds 2 Counselor