Dupont Day to Lake Dense

By Green River Preserve

Yesterday was the highly-anticipated Dupont Day! Not only did that mean we got to sleep in thirty extra minutes; more excitingly, we were bussed into the neighboring Dupont State Park and led on a scenic hike through this natural museum of earthly delights!
Cabins were split up into groups with their Sister and Brother Cabins, and we were led by our wonderful Mentors through trails of deciduous trees to breathtaking viewing points of magnificent waterfalls. These were the first hikes that we’ve taken outside of the Preserve, so it was exciting to explore such unknown territory.

For lunch, the entire camp met up at Dupont’s Lake Dense, where a delicious feast of fried chicken, mac ‘n’ cheese, watermelon and veggies awaited us. This was a nice change from the sandwiches we typically pack out to eat while on the trail.
During lunch, shelters were set up, which came in handy once the rain began coming down. That’s right: Dupont Day became a rain-fest involving games of rainy soccer, frolicking in the mud, and a very hungry osprey. After a couple hours of fun and games in the on-and-off rain, an executive decision was made to bus everyone back into camp (rather than hiking back into camp as originally planned) so as to prevent blisters and soggy socks. Although we missed out on an afternoon of more hiking, we were able to come back to Base Camp for extended free-time, allowing campers to get in some extra relaxation before todays GLPs.

Last night was Throwback Thursday, during which campers and staff would “throw back” by wearing attire from another decade, century, day, or even hour. From togas to the pajamas you wore last night, dressing up for Throwback Thursday is always a wonderful blast into the past.
After dinner, we held the Lower Council Fire, which included bountiful singing, dancing, and storytelling. Then, all of us headed to bed for a full night’s rest before some exciting GLPs today!