Every Inch of GRP Changes Lives

By Sara Huffman

The rain clouds cleared up this morning and gave some new light on GRP today.  I got an amazing opportunity to travel to the farm today with one of the groups to learn about all the food we harvest and also experience first hand the harvesting of potatoes.  Rachel, who is one of our amazing farmers, greeted us with a warm smile this morning as we strolled off the bus up to the farm.  We received a tour of the farm, and along the way the kids listened eagerly as Rachel opened their minds to the magic that happens there.  She taught us about the plant life, the bugs, the chickens, the honey bees and rabbits too!


If that wasn’t exciting enough, Phil; another one of our awesome farmers informed the kids that they were going to get to harvest some potato’s, and boy were they excited and eager to get their hands dirty.  As I was snapping away with my camera, I couldn’t help but pause for a moment and take in this amazing site.  Pure joy filled the potato patch as they started discovering the potato’s that were buried beneath the soft soil.  The smile never left my face as each camper would randomly shout out their “I found one”, or “This one is really huge, can I keep it?”  They were so proud of their accomplishments and it shined through them so vigilantly.



After about an hour of digging it was time to clean up and the campers got to clean and keep a potato that they could later cook during Outdoor living skills or Pioneer Cabin.  We ended the morning session with a circle of Gratitude and once again my mind was blown by the responses the kids had for what they were grateful for.  Things were said like “I am so very grateful to get a chance to see where the food we eat comes from, and the work it takes to harvest it.”  Another camper said, “I’m so grateful for getting the chance experience the farm and the harvesting of these potatoes.”  They were also so grateful for the clear skies, dry shoes and clothes, and one another.  When it was my turn to express what I was grateful for, all I could say was “I am so very grateful to be getting a chance to hear what you guys are grateful for, because your responses have literally melted my heart.” 


Every inch of GRP effects these kids lives in such a powerful way, whether it be on a mentor hike, a morning on the farm, afternoon activities, meal times, rest time, or evening program.  I literally see growth every day and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to be around some of the most amazing kids I’ve ever encountered.  How did I get so lucky?

Your GRP Photographer,

-Samantha K