Expedition Leaders: So many fun adventures to come!

By Anne Mead

The expedition staff has been busy. Over the past few weeks all of the expedition staff have been preparing for their trips. The excitement is over whelming. Everyone is full of new ideas and can’t wait to put them into action. Eli, Jace, and Becca have been studying countless trails on multiple maps in preparation for their scout week. The boats have all been loaded up and ready to be driven to the Outer Banks by Kelly, Lawton and Daniel. Jason has been studying many leadership activities in preparation for TBX. Will and Melanie have been finalizing the last touches on the itinerary for their trip to Colorado and Utah.

On top of preparing for scout week all of the expedition staff have also been working on one of their favorite aspects of the trip; Food.
The crew has been researching new recipes and menu ideas. Everyone can’t wait to get out into the field and try out new menu items. The gang is ready to start eating some good ole backcountry food.
In addition to preparing for their trips, the expedition staff has also been participating in staff training. They have been learning new skills as well as reviewing old ones. Some of the highlights have included teambuilding with Tom Heck, an international facilitator who has helped train countless staff. They have also reviewed group development, different learning styles, and conflict resolution all of which are vital to a successful trip. All in all the staff have had a very productive time at the Preserve and can’t wait for everyone to get here.