Expeditions Update

By Anne Mead

 BRX 2

Blue Ridge Expeditions opened for the second trip of the season on Saturday June 29. They spent the first afternoon getting to know one another, settling into their new home at Reasonover, and learning some basic skills about community living. They kicked off their first full day together at the Green River Preserve climbing wall. Expeditioners got exclusive use of the wall for multiple hours, where everyone got to experience a wealth of climbs and many levels of difficulty. Everyone made attempts and many of the group made it to the top!

Monday, the group ventured to our neighboring DuPont State Forest and hiked to Bridal Veil Falls. It was a great day and the water was particularly spectacular after the previous nights heavy rainfall.

Tuesday, the group had the opportunity to work with one of our senior naturalists, Snowbear Taylor. Snowbear spent the day orienting expeditioners to being aware of the natural world and teaching them several pioneer skills including fire by friction. This day was a highlight for all! Snowbear was so enamored by this community he ended up spending the evening as well with them and telling them a few campfire stories as their evening program.

Today, BRX2 has departed for their weeklong backpacking trip. The group will be spending the next few days hiking on the foothills trail near Lake Jocassee, then catching a boat ride across the lake and continuing on the trail for the remainder of the week. When we saw the group this morning, everyone had smiles and loaded packs! Happy Camping BRX 2!


OBX 2photo 4

The second OBX trip has kicked off. Yesterday, 11 group members arrived in Stella and soon found themselves adjusting to the heat and being initiated into the daily ritual of swimming! Like all of our expeditions, OBX opened with a Respect Circle and a group meeting to establish the community norms. For OBX’ers they were also issued their kayaks, paddles, and lifejackets for the trip. Today was there first day on the water! Happy paddling OBX!



Sunday, Missy, Sandy, Steve, and Anne were given a tour of the new trail by the TBX crew. WOW! WOW! WOW! This group is amazing! The trail they made is unlike any others we have at camp and it is absolutely phenomenal. WE are all so grateful to this hardworking crew of young adults. They built several bridges, carved out a trail in a long section of hillside, cleaned up an old Appalachian dump discovered on the trail, constructed ladders, wrestled rhododendrons, and much, much more. It is just incredible what they accomplished in a mere 10 days. Green River will be forever grateful and appreciative of this crew. To celebrate, the group is off on their final week of fun. Monday and Tuesday were spent tackling the wild and scenic Chattooga River and the remainder of the week will be spent hiking in Pisgah National Forest. We will be sad to see this crew leave on Saturday- they more than exceeded our expectations. Thank you TBX’ers!