By Green River Preserve

Yesterday campers had a chance to get into the flow of camp and truly explore. During morning mentor hikes, a group of campers went to Peggy’s Rock and did solo sits. While they sat contemplatively in the woods, one of the campers had a bear walk past her! While it didn’t count towards a Grand Slam (the animal must be seen by both a camper and a staff member), it was certainly a unique experience and a positive sign of the animal sightings to come! The group was able to track the bear and see that it was, in fact, a mother and a cub.

During afternoon activities campers started new activities and got to try out new crafts and learn new skills. At the Trout Pond campers learned tips and tricks from the resident fly-fishing experts, and the back field was filled with the sounds of fencing war-cries and climbing bells.

Evening program was a classic camp favorite: The Shindig. Everyone donned their best dresses, plaid, and overalls and made their way up to the gazebo for some music and dance. Dance after dance, campers learned new steps and methods and finally sang Sisters, Brothers, together before heading back to their cabins, all happily exhausted from swinging partners side to side.

Jaclyn, Whippoorwill 2 Counselor