Exploring the Preserve on Campout!

By Sara Huffman





Finally, it’s the moment all the campers and staff at GRP have been waiting for: it’s CAMPOUT! Campout at GRP represents a time when boys and girls can have brand new social, physical, and intrapersonal experiences in a safe and monitored environment.



Pack-out for the groups went very smoothly yesterday and the groups excitedly departed for their adventures. Once the campers leave Base Camp on Campout, they seem to leave all the homesickness and worry behind, and prepare for this new adventure out on the preserve.



 Yesterday evening, we visited with several cabins: All Tucked Inn 1 and Little Tree 1 at Trout Pond, All Tucked Inn 2 and Little Tree 2 at Joe’s Pool, Trailing Cedars 2 and Big Laurel 2 at Turkey Field, and Fireside 1, Whip-Poor-Will 1 and 2 up at Upper Bald.  Each cabin was doing great either making dinner or playing out in the fields.



 At 9pm, every cabin group radioed in to Base Camp to say goodnight and ensure that all was well out in the field and again this morning.  Today the groups will be traveling to their next camp sites surrounding base camp and have their first full day out in the field!

Your Friendly Campout Coordinator,