Fading Nature

By Sara Huffman

A poem by Aanchal Dahima 


I am Nature, I personify beauty, I am awed by all,
I am a poet’s expression, I am the love of all,
I am like a mother, the universal habitat of all,
I have been the bestower since the day I was born.

  IMG_0838 copy

People come to me and I welcome them aloud,
They praise me, regard me and I feel so proud,
We planned to work in conjunction,
But times changed, they challenged me with no compunction.

The immense love vanished when I needed to be pampered,
Instead with me, they just meddled and tampered,
Now the time has come, I am losing myself,
I am tired and exhausted, beside myself.


I am fading day by day, but nobody contemplates on my state,
Not realizing the end of me will plunder their fate,
I fear this to happen ’cause I love my children a lot,
I wish they realize it soon, and save themselves from this plot.

I was born to keep them safe and together,
Not to get destroyed, disintegrated and separate forever.


We had our “Fourth of July” celebration last night and I must say it was so much fun!  The kids were very excited about the relay games after dinner.  Three groups were divided up amongst the Red, White and Blue and the games began.  They involved water, goggles, toilet plungers, and limbo-ing.  Just when the campers thought the night was over, bright lights started firing off into the sky followed by loud booms.  Thats right, we got fireworks.  It was a great ending to a beautiful day.  

Your GRP Photographer,

-Samantha K