Favorite comments from campers & Staff

By Sandy Schenck

One of my joys in working at Green River Preserve is to compile the camper and staff evaluations at the end of each session and the summer. Some of my favorite comments from these evaluations are:

The most important thing that happened was I met so many amazing people.
I found myself.
I met a friend that I know that we will be friends forever and that I have a second family that has my back!
I’ve learned to be a better person.
I left a mark here through GLP’s service project.
GRP is the best place on Earth!
I found out that this place is where I belong.
I found an Indian scraper and got it blessed.
I got to come and get away from electronics.
The most important things for me were learning how to respect nature, the awesome people (Cabin Fairy, Ortman & Scrappy, Bird People, etc.) and Campfire Stories.
Definitely meeting new friends, having an AMAZING experience, learning new things about not only wildlife, but also myself, and having FUN!!!
I liked it when we found cool animals and went swimming and keeping cool.
The mentors teach us so much about our environment.
I loved learning new things and seeing amazing sights.
I loved being in the middle of the wilderness and learning things, and being able to go to amazing places.
I loved the fantastic immersion in nature.
We get to explore the Preserve for 3 hours!!!
My outlook in life changed.
I was finally able to be myself, more than I ever have. I’m a new person.
I learned many useful skills & met many awesome people.
I learned more about myself and my limits. I pushed myself harder than I would have cared to in the city.
I went out of my comfort zone and loved it!
I was separated from technology and connected to land.
I learned first to see beauty in the forest and then in myself as well as people around me.
I let all things go in my normal life when I come here.
I hugged a tree with a slug on it.
The most important thing was that I overcame my fear of taxidermy.
I had / was given more fortitude, truth, love and beauty than I could ever imagine.
I learned not to have ORT and how to Leave No Trace.
GRP = Awesome. The staff was the best! Everything about GRP was great!
I saw Bob change into Ortman!

All the mentors are wonderful – bring a diverse knowledge base.
My kids were always very excited about them! (mentor hikes)
Awesome. Each mentor has their own special insight & style.
I love all of you – keep up the good work!
Campouts are sometimes stressful, but provide a wonderful bonding experience.
Camp was Wonderful – I loved all of it.
I think I have learned a lot about the importance of personal reflection and time when life gets stressful. I have looked a lot at the importance of what kids are gaining from camp and us as staff.
I have tried to be a role model for both my campers and other staff. I have tried to maintain a positive attitude and offer support to others.
I feel that my interactions and personal connections with the 3-weekers this summer was my greatest achievement! They make our job SO much fun and I was really dedicated to them for that.
My goals are to * Keep my kids safe, happy & healthy; * get enough sleep; * live each day in the present, with the Spirit.
Everything about camp has brought me unexplainable joy all summer long!! I really enjoyed working with my kids and being able to do new things.
One of my greatest satisfactions has been watching our staff help each other – giving extra even when totally depleted so that fellow staff would have a lighter burden.
I love seeing campers do things for themselves, visiting DuPont and Pretty Place.
So many things are satisfying for me: great hikes, amazing kids, seeing people (staff & kids) really grow.
I was happy seeing my campers make friends and build confidence.
Being on campouts and GLP’s – it was what the kids wanted to do – watching them find a passion for something was just amazing to watch.
I loved getting to know the campers. They were such unique and wonderful girls that it was a pleasure to spend time with them. I also really loved the hike to Pretty Place in the dark – it took a lot of fortitude but was very rewarding.
For me, it’s being silly with the kids. Seeing them laugh. Kids’ enthusiasm during mentor hikes and activities. Knowing how amazing and on top of it all my co-workers are. I am so impressed by them!
I liked how well our group dynamic formed and how positive it was.
I loved the hikes because I love learning new things from the other staff.
Wonderful experience. Thank you.

~ Linda Lamphier