Finding Independence at GRP

By Green River Preserve

It’s another beautiful day here in the Green River Valley; all the campers are finally clean and well-rested after their two-night campout, and the schedule is jam packed with new activities once again. From Nature Art to Fly Fishing to Pioneering, campers are learning new skills that are bringing them closer to the world around them.
Speaking of nature, daily mentor hikes have also resumed. This morning I had the joy of hiking to Uncle’s Falls, and “Polar Bearing” (i.e. standing in the waterfall and saying “Polar Bear” at least twenty times) with a number of energetic campers.

Since the return from the camp-wide Campout, campers seem not only more comfortable around one another – having bonded with each other by overcoming challenges faced in the wilderness together – but seem also to have gained a deepened sense of belonging in nature. I thought this to myself as I noticed a camper – who, on the first day had complained to me about bug bites – search for salamanders in the stream this morning. It’s amazing to see how much these campers have grown in just over a week here at GRP.

Today at lunch, the air was filled with talk about memories made during Campout, and experiences exploring new territory on their morning mentor hikes. Then we got the exciting news: which GLPs (Group Learning Projects) we will be participating in this Wednesday and Thursday. GLPs are seven-hour activities during which campers spend the majority of the day working on one project; such activities range from Spoon-Making to Trebuchet-Building to Preparation for the Zombie Apocalypse. Campers are placed in activities according to their preferences, so widespread excitement came over The Lodge as they found out which GLPs they’ll be doing later this week.

With new activities under way as I speak, and with these upcoming GLPs, the week ahead is sure to be full of excitement, exploration, and the pursuit of new and wonderful things!

Ginny (WW1)