First Day Interactions

By Green River Preserve

Today marks the first full day of camp! The campers woke up this morning bounding with energy and excitement for the discoveries ahead of them. They and their cabin-mates shared their first breakfasts together before meeting their new mentor groups and taking their first steps of the summer into the woods of the preserve. From Polar Bear expeditions beneath Uncle’s Falls, to learning about the composting process going on at the GRP Farm, the hills were practically echoing with the sounds of eager questions.

According to one of the Senior Mentors, Snow Bear, this echoing was more metaphorical than real for his group, as they spent their morning learning how to be invisible and silent when moving through the forest. Multiple of the groups spotted Grand Slaminals (animals that contribute to a Grand Slam), one saw a group of Turkeys and the other a copperhead, so the camp was excited to hear about it at lunch and know they were two animals closer to an ice cream party!

After Lunch and a much-needed Rest Hour, the campers headed across base camp to their first day of activities. Arrows were shot, clay pots thrown, and drums beat as they embarked on new journeys of creativity and skill. During free time they had a chance to let loose and strategize, because after dinner was one of the most anticipated nighttime events of the summer…Predator Prey! Mud camouflage was smeared across cheeks as the cabins lower in the food web—the Snakes, Frogs, and Insects—prepared to blend in and the Hawks pulled out their neon for the occasion. Once the “animals” had given their best attempt at survival in the wilds of Base Camp they regrouped in the front field for a debrief on who had survived—not many—and why or why not. Cabins headed to the showers to wash off the mud, and then ended their nights with Rose, Bud, Thorn Stem, already excited to start the next day!

//Jaclyn Burton TC2\\