Foster the Discovery

By Green River Preserve

Of the many qualities that the Green River Preserve possesses, none quite match GRPs ability to foster discovery, not just of nature, but also of society and self. Many campers, especially during the one-week sessions, come to GRP with fairly limited unstructured social interaction. Including school and the other kids on their neighborhood, they normally spend their time with a core group of friends. At camp however, campers are given the opportunity to engage and befriend numerous children of similar age, and often with little staff interference (short of supervision, of course).

Many, if not most, of these children also share a similar love and desire to be active and in nature. Often, campers make lifelong friends at GRP. Additionally, GRP allows campers a chance to expand their opportunities and explore fields they might not have an opportunity to explore at home. For example, how often do children learn how to weave baskets out of vines or even build an entire life-size bear out of vines as they did during a GLP last session? During the Respect Circle that takes place at the beginning of every session, Sandy, one of the camp directors, says something to the effect of this: “GRP is a chance to do something different. If you’re normally a leader at home, it’s a chance to step back and try a different role. If you tend to be quieter and wait for others to take charge, it’s a chance to step up and seize the reins.”

It’s this chance to explore that makes Green River Preserve such a phenomenal, and influential place in the lives of countless individuals, from the people who work here, to the children who attend the camp. It’s a place for them to explore what is around them and what is inside them. Most all of, it’s a place where they can simply discover.

Orion (BL1)