Frog Eggs!

By Sandy Schenck

You can tell that spring is coming by the Frog eggs everywhere – down by the climbing tower, beside the office, and in seasonal pools all over the preserve. This picture was taken Friday on the trail to the Spanish Cave. As you can probably imagine the eggs are not this large when first laid (that would have to be a pretty large frog). The jelly like coating on the eggs absorbs water and swells up to several times their initial size. While it is hard to be sure, these eggs are probably from a Wood Frog, Rana sylvatica. More later as the eggs develop. frog-eggs.jpg

My family and I have been living here at the Green River Preserve now for about 2 weeks and are amazed by the abundant natural beauty, the wildlife, and the great people that have welcomed us to our new roles. We look forward to getting to know all the campers and their families, camp alumni, staff, and Green River supporters.
– Paul Bockoven & Family