By Sara Huffman


Today is the day I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time!  It’s another GLP day here, meaning kids are spending all day exploring an area that they’re interested in.  For some, this means getting crafty making paper mache masks or story dolls; others are hiking around camp or playing ultimate Frisbee.  Tonight, we’ll all meet back up for some free time and dinner.  It just so happens to be PIZZA NIGHT, and after that we will travel to Long Rock to experience the sunset from a beautiful vantage point.  Ah, camp life.


One of today’s GLP is “Day of the Disc” and a number of kids signed up to participate!  They did some awesome tricks that landed them all in the water and it was very fun to watch.

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Last night we enjoyed a Renaissance themed dinner and evening program.  Campers and staff dressed like princes and princesses, kings and queens, wizards, dragons, peasants, and there was even a spare unicorn.  After dinner, we took pictures in a ‘photobooth’, played bingo with loots and moats, and learned some cool dance moves of the times.  

As we reach the middle of our three week session, it’s amazing to see how tightly knit our community has become.  10 days ago strangers entered a camp, but they will leave a family.  These types of relationships couldn’t be formed without the compassion, respect, and maturity of all our campers.  

I know campers and staff are having fun at their GLPs.  Keep your fingers crossed that the weather stays nice so we can watch the sunset together!