GLP (Group Learning Project)

By Green River Preserve

Here at Green River Preserve, multi-week sessions include Group Learning Projects, more commonly referred to as GLPs.

GLPs are full day-long projects where campers can immerse themselves in learning something new while having fun. Yesterday was the first GLP of the session, and today is the second.

Yesterday, GLPs included but were not limited to “Home, Home on the Range,” “Archery Intensive,” “Drawing and Painting,” “Raku Pottery,” and “Native American Flute Making.” I spent the day at “Home, Home on the Range.” This GLP focused on learning what the lives of children would have been like over 100 years ago.

The day started off by gathering wood and making a fire. We melted wax over the fire and made candles, then cooked biscuits in a Dutch oven in the coals of the fire. While the biscuits were cooking, campers made butter. After eating a lunch that everyone had packed that morning, we played hide and go seek. Campers got very creative with hiding spots in the wooded area surrounding the Pioneer Cabin. This was followed by jump rope. Many new rhymes were learned and jump rope skills were demonstrated. After jump rope was finished, it was time to play Blind Man’s Bluff. For this game, one person is blindfolded and has to tag all other players who are planted in one place for the game.

After a couple of rounds of Blind Man’s Bluff, campers learned how to bob for apples. This gave everyone a chance to cool off a bit. Kick the Can got everyone up and moving again, and soon everyone who bobbed for apples had dried off in the sun. Kick the Can is very similar to Hide and Go Seek. One person is the seeker and everyone else hides. The seeker looks for those hiding, and if you are found, you are in jail.

To get out of jail, another person who is hiding needs to go kick a can located near the jail. This releases everyone from jail. Following Kick the Can, campers made kites from paper, string, dowels, a small amount of fabric, and some creativity. This activity took some time, but many were excited to try out their kites, wind or no wind! To finish up the day, everyone learned how to make a button buzzer with a button and some string. Overall, the day taught many that you do not need technology to have a good time.

-Kaitlyn Murphy