Gobble, Gobble...

By Sandy Schenck

This morning after a hearty breakfast prepared by our wonderful kitchen staff, the campers learned about the bird of the day – the Ruby-throated Hummingbird. An amazing little bird that can fly at astounding speeds. Rich, our fearless mentor, demonstrated said speed by running back and forth in the dining hall. I’d say he did a mighty convincing impression from what I saw of the campers’ reactions. I wonder what the bird of the day will be tomorrow…

The mentors then broke up into hiking groups with such names as the Little Monster Bears, the Labyrinth Explorers and the Hard Hiking Troopers among others. The weather was perfect for their hikes with temperatures in the low 70s when they started off on the buses.

After lunch the mentors took turns talking about their morning adventures. We had some polar bears at Uncle’s Falls, head-dumpers at Hemlock Fields and some of our campers even spotted a bat in Indian Cave during their explorations.

Now, I bet you’re wondering why I titled this post “gobble, gobble.” Well, one of our groups, which by the way, was very quiet as they hiked up to Upper Bald spotted a wild turkey! You know what that means! One animal down and just three more to go to get a Grand Slam! Needless to say, when Sandy announced that they had spotted the turkey, the entire dining hall erupted in cheers from both campers and staff alike. Now they just need to spot a venomous snake, a bear and a deer. Today is only Monday, so it really could happen.

Following a well-deserved rest time, an afternoon filled with activities and another delicious meal, the campers played Predator Prey which is without a doubt a camper favorite. Both campers and counselors will sleep well tonight.

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