Gobble, gobble...

By Sandy Schenck

Some highlights from today’s mentor hikes included Cherokee head-dunking, polar bears, bushwhacking, crawling into a cave and more. Oh, and also one of the groups spotted a TURKEY thanks to Katharine’s dog, Ella who decided to go along on the hike. Woohoo! One animal down and three more to go for a Grand Slam!

Also after lunch the Dirty Cabin Rainbow Trout visited the campers along with Lars. (I heard that the cabin fairy is enjoying a tropical vacation. I might be a little jealous.) Whippoorwill One and Little Tree Two won the pink flamingos. The dirtiest cabin prize – a snazzy looking 1970s-era platform shoe – was given to Little Tree One. They seemed rather excited about it. Go figure.

GLP (Group Learning Project) sign-ups were today and let me just say right now that these campers are SO LUCKY! Here are just a few of the projects available to them:

Tubing on the Davidson River & going to Sliding Rock
Making leather-bound journals
Fly-fishing on the Green River
Painting at Upper Bald
Bark basket making
Sweat lodge at the Tipi

After dinner (lasagna, Greek salad with feta cheese, herb/garlic bread and lemonade pie for dessert) was the Appalachian Shindig with the band The Ort Goblins providing the live music. (I learned that they have been performing at the GRP shindigs since 2005.) Fun was had by all!