Gobble, gobble, gobble...

By Sandy Schenck

Well, let’s just get straight to the news… one of our mentor hike groups spotted a turkey this morning. You can view a video of the announcement via your CampIn Touch page. Since a deer was spotted yesterday, the campers just have two more animals to go – a venomous snake and a bear. By the way, there are only two venomous snakes in our area – the copperhead and the timber rattler.

In other hiking news, the Cave Crawling Gnomes were very brave by staying in a completely dark cave for an impressive amount of time. The Wafflelating Zebras had a grand time at Hemlock Field dunking their heads in the cool… okay, cold Green River waters. Another group called the Cosmic Ninja Turtles became polar bears and explored Salamander Cave.

Rest time was after lunch with an abbreviated activity period due to storms in the area. Instead campers and staff gathered in the lodge to play games. Dinner tonight was pork tenderloin in marinade, Greek potatoes, broccoli with cheese sauce, cinnamon apples, rolls, and carrot cake for dessert. The evening ended with the Lower Council Fire.