Grand Slam Announced!

By Sandy Schenck

Photos have been uploaded from yesterday – there are a few of the photos in this album from Tuesday as well.  We have asked a cabin to share more about yesterday with you; their notes will hopefully appear later. In the meantime you can check out the photos from Wednesday.

We did have two significant happenings yesterday that we just can’t wait to tell you about.  After lunch one of the mentor groups reported seeing young turkeys on a branch about 20 feet in the air—a pretty interesting sight, as they were still a little awkward, but especially exciting because we now have a Grand Slam!  having seen all four animals: a turkey, a deer, a venomous snake and a bear this session.

But an even more rare occurrence happened Wednesday: the Ort Man action figure was found after two years of campers chasing clues and digging holes all over the preserve!  The clues were released in an Ort Man and Scrappy Coloring Book.  This session a cabin of extraordinary young men banded together to follow the clues; they finally solved all the puzzles to unearth Ort Man! Congratulations to Big Laurel 1 for their fortitude and teamwork – they will each receive an autographed Ort Man and Scrappy tee shirt!