By Sara Huffman

 _MG_8621 copyI just want to take some time to express everything I’m grateful for this summer.  First and foremost, I am beyond grateful to have found Green River Preserve, and even more grateful for the Directors who gave me this amazing opportunity to experience the wonders that GRP holds.  The kids that come to GRP are a huge factor as to why this place is so amazing, and for that, I have fallen in love with the Preserve.  I sit down at the computer every day thinking about how I can express to everyone how awesome these kids are, and I just can’t find the words.  Mind blowing is the word I can best use to describe these kids.  Their creativity, deep thoughts, kindness, compassion and hearts are beyond their years.  I see great potential in every single soul here, because they have so much to offer the world and seeing their growth while at GRP brings such happy tears to my eyes.  (Can you guys please just forget to pick them up so we can enjoy them for the rest of the summer?) :)  




Talk about wanting to be a veterinarian because saving an animals life would be such a rewarding experience, or studying Marine biology so they can better the world through sea life.  Wanting to be a Child’s Guidance Councilor because they want to leave a positive mark on a strangers life have been some of the responses I’ve gotten when I ask the kids what they think they might like to do in their future.  Mind blown right?!  


Brother and sister cabins becoming so close you’d think they all grew up with each other their whole lives.  Finishing each others sentences and laughing about it, or reaching out a hand when they see another struggling with a project or task assigned.  If these kids have taught me one thing (which trust me, they’ve taught me so much more) it’s compassion.  Compassion for one another, for their councilors and for themselves.  This job is such a humbling experience and once again, I want you all to know how amazing your children are, thank you for trusting us to take care of them and watch them grow into even more beautiful individuals.


Now a little update on this rainy Sunday.  During breakfast, the skies decided to grace us with even more rain but with the kids we have here at GRP, do you think the rain stopped them from enjoying their mentor hikes?  Not even remotely.  I stayed in the office this morning so I’m excited for lunch to hear about all the kids hikes.  We will be getting an extended rest hour which I believe all the campers are looking forward to.  "We are just having so much fun it’s exhausting in a GREAT way" is what I heard someone say yesterday and it made me chuckle.  Tonight is the night I’ve been waiting for all season, THE VARIETY SHOW!!  These kids are so creative and talented I can not wait to see what they have been working so hard on for tonight.  I imagine I’ll be that proud mentor in the back crying at all the awesomeness going on!  It’s just so awesome to experience these little blessings!  Updates on how much your kids made me cry happy tears tonight, tomorrow! :)  


Your GRP Photographer,

-Samantha K  

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