Group Learning Projects

By Green River Preserve

There comes a time in every camper’s session when they experience something completely out of the ordinary and – surprise! – have an incredible time doing it! At Green River Preserve, this is what we call a GLP day. GLP stands for Group Learning Project, and these project days blend campers of all age groups and can involve anything from a science fair to a circus smorgasbord to a nature spa day. The campers watch leading staff members present their ideas in crazy skits and then sign up. After that, we’re off to do GLPs!

There are many styles of GLPS. Artistic GLPS, such as Festival Day, Advanced Theater, and Aca-Awesome, allow campers to show off their creativity. In Festival Day, campers will be making their own hula-hoops and drums and then dancing with their new festival décor. The Advanced Theater group will be traveling to Flat Rock to see Miss Saigon, and Aca-Awesome will be learning about all about the human voice, harmonies, and how to make beats with their voices.

There are some hardcore, rugged GLPs, like Zombie Apocalypse and GRP Survivor. Both of these will teach campers basic survival skills, such as fire making, fort building, and edible plants. Archery and BB Skeet are also imperative skills to have when fighting off brain-hungry zombies or trying to find food to survive.

We also like to include some GLPs that offer up some magnificent, breathtaking views of the land around us. Canoeing at Cascade Lake, Dupont Forest Hike, and Wild Aventure Art Hike are some that fall under this category. We also have the miscellaneous category, the “what the outside world might consider strange” category, like Disco Pie and Build a Bear out of Grapevine GLPs. But regardless of what GLP the camper has, they are guaranteed to have a great time bonding with their fellow campers and staff.