Growth, Progress and New Adventures at GRP

By Sara Huffman

Thursday night we went to a powerful Upper Council Fire ceremony.  Campers deposited their spirit stones around the fire, which are rocks that stood out to the campers and represent them leaving a small piece of themselves to stay at the Preserve.  Afterwards, we recounted the Woodcraft Laws, talked about the magic of Green River, sang songs, and heard a story from Snow Bear about courage, resiliency, and humility.  After Upper Council Fire, campers filed down to the lake.  Once there, wooden blocks with tea candles were handed out.  When we all released them, it was truly beautiful.

The staff could not be more proud of the second session campers.  They spent two whole weeks at camp, overcoming feelings of homesickness and, at times, inadequacy.  They learned about nature, preservation, various activities, and – most importantly – about themselves.  They have grown as individuals in multiple ways. Whether it’s realizing and appreciating the interconnectedness of all things, becoming a better fly-fisher, forming new friendships, or realizing that there is a place where people will appreciate you and your many talents and quirks, campers have undergone a life-altering experience.  They have displayed truth, shown fortitude, exuded love, and appreciated beauty.  We were sad to see them go, but look forward to seeing them again next summer!  

Tomorrow marks the three week session group and we could not be more excited to get the kids here and begin our multitude of adventures!  We have so many fun activities lined up that I’m getting excited just thinking about them!  Bring on tomorrow!!