GRP 4th Of July

By Green River Preserve

The Fourth of July at GRP is nothing short of spectacular. Of course, every day at GRP is spectacular!

I saw oodles of patriotic outfits at breakfast this morning— from USA scarves to blue and white leggings to red plaid and everything in between. A round of the Star Spangled Banner preceded the usual Win De Ah Ho in true patriotic fashion.

Mentor Hikes are business are usual this morning, with groups traveling to Uncle’s, the River, Long Rock, etc. I know several campers will get to meet our 3-day-old baby goat down at the farm this morning! His name is still pending, suggestions welcome. Activities will change to a new set today, meaning campers will participate in three brand new activities this afternoon. Maybe our activity leaders will use some America themes!

Tonight’s evening program is Red vs. Blue Capture the Flag, a fan favorite that is sure to be both exciting and patriotic. I also heard a rumour that there will be fireworks! Hmmmm…I’m sure there will be plenty of celebration tonight.

After that, we will begin gearing up for CAMPOUT! All campers leave for Campout tomorrow and the enthusiasm is high. I can’t wait to see how well this group will handle Campout—I have so much faith in them. Also, there will be s’mores. It’s okay to be jealous.

Keep seeking the joy,

Carolyn /// ATI 1