GRP Archaeology

By Green River Preserve

It has been an amazing time of fun and learning this summer at Green River Preserve during Session 2 in 2016!
Fifty-six campers were able to participate in the Archaeology activity during session 2, ranging in ages from 8 to 14. They were able to learn a range of archaeological skills from drawing a site map and labeling each shovel test with its coordinates, to digging a shovel test and screening the dirt for artifacts, washing the artifacts and learning to identify types of points and other artifacts found on GRP.

Each group of campers was able to go out to the site/survey area near Spirit Winds cabin in Girlsville. Many of them were able to help to figure out what the coordinates would be for each flag on the 10-meter survey grid laid out over the site, based on a central datum point. It was fantastic to show the campers that math can be useful in many fields of study including archaeology.

Example of a shovel test

The campers participated in drawing a site map and learning the modern uses of cartography. The campers would mark the flags at each 10-meter interval with its coordinates and we would dig the shovel test and screen the dirt from each shovel test. The artifacts they found were collected in bags labeled with the coordinates from each specific point on the site map.

-Martha M Wallace