GRP Is Magic

By Green River Preserve

Today, the campers returned to their regular schedule after resting from Campout, and they certainly jumped right in! Mentor hikes were filled with bushwhacking, baby goat sightings and river wading. The campers were excited to go out on the trails they had hiked through with their packs, each now quite a bit lighter and much more accomplished. After lunch was, of course, Rest Hour (the best hour) and activities resumed! The back field was abuzz with the climbing tower bell ringing and fencers fencing while the front field sported fly fishers and artists alike. Everyone was excited to complete their crafts and free-time was bustling with musicians and potters hard at work!

Dinner was a special event, as everyone arrived ready for the concert afterwards. Dar Williams had arrived earlier in the day to explore base camp and get set up. She was visiting on behalf of a program in collaboration with the GRP Farm in which GRP was chosen to have her come perform!