GRP Staff in Ecuador

By Sandy Schenck

Four GRP staff went on their own expedition this winter. Pam Ritchie, Rachel Brett, Bob Davis, and Ben Nelson went south to Ecuador, where they explored small towns, climbed huge, still-active volcanoes, and canoed through the rain forest.

Of course, as GRP staff, they managed to turn much of their trip into an extra-long and somewhat unusual mentor hike, learning new uses of


tropical plants and searching for incredible wildlife—from monkeys to caiman to toucans to anacondas. Although those who tasted the local delicacy of guinea pig are sorry to report that they did have some ort that night, for the most part they stuck to their Green River roots, even translating one of Bob’s stories into Spanish.

Now that they are back, they can only imagine what campers, and their parents, would think if our hikes at GRP climbed up smoking, spitting volcanoes—and what a good geology lesson that would make.

(Written by Rachel Brett)