Happy Trails BRXers

By Green River Preserve

Today, the Expeditioners woke up to a perfectly rainy day to prepare for their backpacking trip. They spent the morning learning about maps and compass use. The leaders presented the group with a few hike options in Pisgah and on the Foothills Trail on the border of NC and SC. The group has decided to venture to the Foothills! They will spend 4 days hiking up and down ridges, seeing beautiful vistas and waterfalls, and taking a few dips in Lake Jocassee.

In addition to learning about orienteering, the group had a lesson on the ins and outs of packing a backpack and they planned their meals for their trip. This evening, they will discuss the ethics of Low Impact Camping and how to use a camp stove. They will test their newfound skills by cooking their dinner on these stoves while watching the sunset out at Long Rock.

The group plans to be packed and ready to depart early in the morning. Their hope is to be on the trail by noon. Happy Trails, Blue Ridge Expeditioners!