High Spirits

By Green River Preserve

Last Friday marked the end of week one for Session 2 which meant it was time for Campout! A long standing tradition of Green River Preserve, Campout is a multi-day event where sister and brother cabins fill up packs and hike for three days and two nights in the wilderness. It is always an exciting time because it allows campers the opportunity to live outside the normal grind of bells and schedules and allows them to really take ownership of their learning experiences. Kids often obtain knowledge they never knew was necessary – for example : deciding tarp location so you don’t slide out of your sleeping area at night or how essential having a water source next to a campsite is.

Each Campout has its own unique challenges and this session campers learned a lesson in dealing with being uncomfortable. No more than an hour into the first day a torrential downpour struck most groups and kids found themselves soaked through to the tips of their toes. Perhaps it was something in the air because somehow spirits stayed high and laughter continued. With sloshing shoes and pruned fingers, campers marshaled on, jumping in puddles and asking when they could swim or if s’mores could be expected after dinner. That tone of excitement and adventure permeated the weekend and when groups finally returned to Basecamp on Sunday, it was with tired feet but smiling faces.

Today marks the beginning of a new week and new activities! While there is always the excitement of campers taking on a fear of climbing or learning the intricacies of throwing in pottery, there is an extra bit of energy as kids wait to hear which Group Learning Projects they will partake in later this week. One girl hopes to spend a day canoeing on one of the off camp lakes so she can keep up with her mother on future family vacations. Another boy looks forward to hours of bird watching and listening so that he may return home and identify some of his own local birds. Regardless, Basecamp is buzzing and all the staff is excited to see our campers continue to grow and expand their knowledge over these next few days.

Audrey, Trailing Cedars 2 Counselor