Humbled by This Safe Haven

By Sara Huffman

Where has the time gone with these two weekers?  I feel like it was just yesterday we were opening our gates and arms to these wonderful strangers we now call family.  I have had the pleasure of getting to know every camper here and each one is as equally amazing as the next.  Each with different stories and personalities but every single one touching my heart none the less.  Hearing riddle after riddle on our campout or hearing stories about their summers a few years ago, these kids never ceased to make me smile.  


It’s such a great relief knowing that these wonderful young people will one day change the world with their wondering minds and kind souls.  I really feel that GRP has given these kids a chance to discover their own wonder in their own ways.  Whether it be discovering the courage to climb to the top of the climbing tower to ring that victory bell, or to stand up in front of all their peers to share a hidden talent on “Variety Night”, these kids have had a chance to open up a new door to their future.  I am very proud and humbled to be a part of this community for those reasons and so many more.  




The other night I sat in a circle with a group of campers to discuss respect, teamwork, patience and listening and I was amazed at their willingness to take in what I had to say as well as what they had to offer me in returned.  I got such astounding feedback that once again reminded me as to how amazing these kids really are.  “Thank you for taking the time to not just treat us like kids and include us in the decisions that you are making, it really makes me feel respected and special”  This was a response I got from one of the kids after discussing a slight listening obstacle on campout, and this is what I replied with… “As much as I am here to teach you guys, I am also here to learn from you as well, because your ideas and thoughts are just as important as mine, and it would be a shame to let those go unheard”.   Sometimes the best remedy for any “adult” is to just spend ten minutes with a child and rediscover what the meaning of life really is all about.  I am thankful of these kids and the families that they have came from,  and I am thankful for this wonderful safe haven to allow me to be humbled by the wisdom of the children it brings to it.

Your GRP Photographer,

-Samantha K