Interaction At Its Finest

By Green River Preserve

Campers and staff alike slept exceptionally well after an exciting opening day yesterday. We are really getting into the swing of things here at Base Camp! After a delicious and nutritious breakfast, campers set out on their first Mentor Hike. For this signature activity, campers are divided into six groups completely different from their cabin groups. This is the first opportunity where campers are able to meet a variety of other campers that they may not meet in just Girlsville or Boysville. This Mentor Group is constant throughout the week. To me, Mentor Hikes are what set GRP apart from other camps. This unique experience allows campers to learn from seasoned naturalists on a daily basis. These hikes create one-of-a-kind, hands-on learning in the expansive segment of nature’s classroom we have surrounding us on the Preserve. It’s like having a 3000 acre backyard!

Afternoon activities are integral in personalizing a camper’s GRP experience. This is another place where campers can easily meet others outside their cabin groups. Today campers attended three activities in which they learned the basics that will be expanded upon tomorrow. For example, I taught Archery. We learned how to load a bow and the proper technique for shooting. Then, we shot at basic, non-moving targets as well as one moving target. I cannot wait to see how much the Archery students improve tomorrow!

In Free Time, campers have a plethora of options from which to choose to entertain themselves to their liking. Campers can swim in the lake, fly down the zip line, finish up crafts or Pioneer Cabin creations, play board games, visit the camp store, hang out in the ever-so-cozy Hammockville, or just chill on the hillside reading a book or chatting with friends.

Our evening program tonight is Predator/Prey, woo! This food chain simulation involves cabins taking on the roles of Hawks, Snakes, Frogs, and Insects and the search to find enough food, water, and shelter without being attacked and eaten. Multiple teams can win, just as is possible in nature. I’m interested to see which animal groups will survive this installment of one of GRP’s most popular evening activities.

After an awesome first full day, I know all campers and staff are looking forward to another round of unparalleled fun.

Until then,

Carolyn /// TC 1