Last Day...

By Sandy Schenck

It sounds like camp-out was a great success!  Campers and staff returned mid-morning and got their equipment and themselves cleaned up.  Showers do feel good after a night out in the woods!

Campers might not have gotten a whole lot of rest on camp-out, but it sounds like they had fun.  Campers hiked with either a brother or a sister cabin.  Once they arrived at their campsites, they set up camp—putting up tarps to sleep under, setting up a bear-bag, purifying water.  Then they had some free time to explore around the campsite.  Campers who were on Peggy’s Rock, a rock face that overlooks the Green River Valley, like the Upper and Lower Balds, went to check out the view.  They went back this morning, before they came home, and saw a “superfresh” pile of bear scat—exciting!  Another group heard a wild turkey, but didn’t see one.  So while we didn’t finish the session with a Grand Slam, campers were excited the whole time about looking out for deer, venomous snakes, wild turkeys, and bears.  Maybe when they come back next year…  (Check out photos from the camp-out and the rest of today!)

After lunch—a cookout with hamburgers, veggie burgers, potato chips, and watermelon—campers went back to their cabins for a welcome rest hour.  Then they headed off to their last activity period for the session.  Campers who were taking drawing and painting had the background beat of drumming to help them keep pace with their artistry.  Other campers headed up to the archery range, where at least two campers hit the “dream” shot—a target set further back and consequently harder to hit.  Other campers headed up the climbing wall—quite a few got all the way to the top.  Those who were gardening first learned about what we have planted in our garden in the East Field; then they headed over to the chicken coop, where they got a big surprise.  They went inside, to see if there were any eggs—and indeed there were, and a big black rat snake had also found the eggs and was having a little snack.  One of our staff caught the snake (not venomous), and the gardeners brought it back to the climbing tower, for the climbers to see, before releasing it.

After activities and one last free time, campers headed back to their cabins to get packed up.  Then we had our Final Night Banquet—turkey, rice and gravy, vegetable medley, rolls, and chocolate cake for dessert.  Our final evening program was an Upper Council Fire; we sang songs and, of course, heard a story from Bob.  We finished the evening by the canoe lake, floating candleboats and listening to music played by several of our staff members.  It was a quieter, more contemplative evening, which allowed us to think back on the many friends and memories we have made this session.

We have loved having your campers here with us—we hate to see them go, but we look forward to seeing them again next year!