Last Day of Mentor Hikes & Activites

By Green River Preserve

Time has flown by this session! Today was the last day of Mentor hikes and activities and even though the rain hasn’t let up, the campers aren’t letting it get them down. Climbers were busy fetching hats from the crow nest in the Lodge;meanwhile the campers canoeing were hard at work creating boats from natural materials that would both float and hold weight, then practicing how to safely flip and rescue with them. Countless campers hit the dream shots in both BB skeet and archery, and in arts; crafts, campers created glue projects.

Campers are eagerly awaiting the start of Group Learning Projects tomorrow.
Among the many choices for GLPs were bushwhacking and searching for biodiversity at Uncle’s Creek, wet and wild water sports day, the half-marathon, and positively chilling by the river, doing crafts and making yummy treats, just to name a few.