Lords of the Trails (Session 3, July 10)

By Sandy Schenck

After a sleep-in morning, Session 3 campers began preparing for their remaining week of camp—signing up this morning for more GLP’s and a service day project—those will take place next week—and then packing up for their second camp-out of the session.  Their second camp-out is a theme camp-out, and once again, we have a variety of options.  Some campers elected to participate in the “Lord of the Rings”-themed camp-out; each participant is assigned an identity—a character from the trilogy—and they will wear cloaks, and they will quest after a ring, and at the end of the camp-out, they will throw a ring over a waterfall.  Another group will live out another set of narratives; their theme is “Live Action Oregon Trail,” and they have also been assigned identities, based on fictional “back-stories”—pioneer families with different backgrounds like Irish immigrants.  Another group is focusing on hiking—Ultralight hiking, that is—traveling as far as they can, packing as lightly as they can; they’ll learn some of the best practices in hiking.

There were several themes—seven in all—and we’ll have more detailed reports and pictures for you on Monday, when they get back.   We are looking forward to Opening Day tomorrow for our Mini campers, so we’ll have an update on that tomorrow night!