Meds4Camp Makes Medication Administration Easier

By Ruby Compton

[caption id=“attachment_5790” align=“alignright” width=“216”]Walgreens Meds4Camp will package all daily camper medications as pictured above with the prescription label at the top. This sample was stocked with jelly beans! Walgreens Meds4Camp will package all daily camper medications as pictured above with the prescription label at the top. This sample was stocked with jelly beans![/caption]

Green River Preserve is partnering with Walgreens Meds4Camp in Hendersonville, North Carolina to provide campers’ prescriptions and daily over-the-counter medications while at camp this summer.

Once enrolled in the program, families will no longer need to bring medications to camp and check them in with the nurse. Instead, Walgreens Meds4Camp pharmacists and staff will package tablets and capsules in customized unit-dose packages according to the time of administration. These will be individually labeled and delivered to camp prior to each session’s opening day. Other medications including liquids, inhalers, creams and ointments will also be individually labeled and delivered. This system is designed to improve the efficiency of administering medication at camp and allows camp nurses to have more time to devote to the well-being of the campers.

Campers enrolled in base camp with daily medications are required to enroll with Meds4Camp. All base campers are encouraged to enroll in case illness or injury were to occur requiring prescription medications. Expeditioners will NOT utilize the Meds4Camp program.

Steps to enroll are as follows:
1.    Fill out your camper’s Health History form on your Camp InTouch account.
2.   Complete the Walgreens Meds4Camp Enrollment Form (which is downloadable from the Forms and Documents page of your Camp InTouch account).
3.   Dependent on your current relationship with Walgreens:
   a.   If your child has a current or recent prescription at Walgreens, please make sure your child’s allergies, health conditions, insurance, and credit card information is up to date at Walgreens. Proceed to step 4.
   b.   If your child has not had a prescription filled at Walgreens recently, visit your nearest Walgreens and “register” using the “Introduction Letter for Your Local Walgreens” included in the Meds4Camp Enrollment Packet.
   c.   If there is no Walgreens located within a reasonable distance from your home or work, complete the Supplemental Forms included in the Meds4Camp Enrollment Packet.
4.   Mail your completed Walgreens Meds4Camp Enrollment Form, written prescriptions, and supplemental forms (if needed) to Walgreens Meds4Camp, 601 Spartanburg Highway, Hendersonville, NC 28792.

Once your forms have been received by Meds4Camp, your Meds4Camp enrollment packet status will be listed as received on your Camp InTouch account. Enrollment should be completed at least 5 weeks prior to your child’s arrival at camp.

You may be asking “Why the change GRP??”
    We expect families utilizing this program will spend significantly less time waiting in line for the nurse at check-in. There are several western North Carolina camps that love Meds4Camp because they have increased the efficiency and safety of medication administration at camp. Finally with this partnership, GRP gains a team of pharmacists to utilize as a resource when needed.

Please do not hesitate to contact Ruby Compton, Summer Camp Program Director, if you have questions about this program. She can be reached at 828-698-8828 or .