Meet Catrina Dillard, Americorps Project Preserve Member

By Sandy Schenck

Catrina DillardCatrina Dillard is our Americorp volunteer for the upcoming year. Each month she will have her own column talking about her work here at Green River Preserve. First, an introduction…

Catrina, originally from Atlanta, has worked for 13 years as an art and drama teacher in Georgia and Rhode Island. Her work with Outward Bound and at a high school community garden led her to pursue a path that would focus on connecting children with the natural world and improving the environment.

To strengthen her commitment to education children and the community about stewardship, she joined Americorps Project Preserve. As the Environmental Outreach Member, she will initiate a water quality monitoring program, further develop a sustainable agriculture farm-to-table project, and educate people in the surrounding area about Green River Preserve and its mission through hikes, outreach activities and teaching opportunities. She will be also be working part of the time with Muddy Sneakers. 

In addition to her university degree in art education, she has received her certificate from the Master Naturalist program at the University of Georgia and has most recently worked as a naturalist in Burnsville, NC.