Mountain Lion Sighting

By Sandy Schenck

That elusive large carnivore thought lost to the east coast by most people has been sighted yet again. It comes as no great surprise though that our own “Mountainman” who likes to spend all the time that he can roaming through the woods communing with nature would be the individual to see one of these great cats.

It happened about mid-day, while he was off to find supplies for GRP’s Fall School programs. About half way through the preserve a large cat sprang out of the brush and ran up the side of a mountain. “I could not believe my eyes,” said Trey. “I think he had come down off the mountain because of the drought we have been having. I think he was down at the river getting a drink when Heidi and I came by.” The episode might have been written off as overworked exhaustion though if not for a Mr. Beddingfield of Green River Road who was driving his truck to Brevard at the exact same moment. “It was much bigger than a bobcat. I’ve lived here all my life and heard stories of big cats, but this is the first time I’ve seen one.”

Unfortunately neither of the wise gentlemen had time to snap a picture and even after a thorough search of the woods and ground no positive proof could be found. You can help us spread the word though. Send a free card with a Mountain Lion on it to a friend.