Muddy Sneakers Wins Award

By Sandy Schenck

Four years ago, a non-profit organization called Muddy Sneakers was both envisioned and launched right here at the Green River Preserve. In August of this year, Muddy Sneakers was presented the “Most Outstanding Environmental Non-Profit of 2010” award by Governor Beverly Perdue.

Muddy Sneakers is a program for public school 5th graders based on the Green River model of field trips and ‘nature smart" learning. Muddy Sneakers is so popular, children in Brevard sell popcorn so their schools can participate. The program also significantly boosts end-of-grade test results. It’s fun to learn with muddy sneakers—it is an award-winning concept that we enjoy everyday at Green River Preserve.

It is good to know that Green River Preserve continues to inspire people and ideas beyond its boundaries. Learn more at