Nature Fun at GRP

By Sara Huffman

After the exciting weekend with campout, we are now back into our regular GRP routine.  Stories of Campout have been flying around, and excitement for Group Learning Projects (GLPs) has been building. It’s quite a fun and positive atmosphere to behold.



GRP takes very seriously its mission to connect children to nature, and the best way to do that is to teach and remind them how to have fun in it. Campout, Mentor Hikes, and GLPs play a crucial role in fulfilling this mission.  Each morning, a Mentor Group goes to Uncle’s Falls and Polar Bears.  If the group isn’t at Uncle’s, they may be on another water hike where campers may earn various other “Aquatic Superlatives.” Many new Polar Bears and Cherokee Head Dunkers were announced today at lunch.
Mentor Hikes provide a wonderful daily dose of nature, connection, and fun, but Campout is where these concepts are expanded, and campers’ creative minds are called upon. After lunch yesterday we all shared stories of Campout, and the various kinds of fun that were had. Some groups went on long, rewarding hikes, others found rock water slides. Still others went on bear-tracking missions, and one group practiced their stalking skills and counted coup on their friends. GRP kids sure do know how to enjoy themselves in the woods!
Many campers are now looking forward to their GLPs, which range from waterfall hakes, to Raku pottery, to a day of drama. Time is becoming precious, as we only have two more days of our normal schedule before these GLPs. Our last set of activities begins today, and the campers cannot wait to get them started!
Tonights evening activity was the ever so popular Capture the Flag, and needless to say the kids and staff had an amazing time.  We started off playing white team vs. black team, and then changed it up to staff vs. campers, and it was amazingly entertaining to watch, I think that the campers ended up with the final victory over the staff, but ended with everybody mingling and congratulating each other on games well played!  
It is now time for bed, and all the campers are tucked away in Boysville or Girlsville, anxiously awaiting what tomorrow brings, here at GRP.