New to GRP: Trailblazers Expeditions!

By Sandy Schenck

For the summer of 2012 Green River Preserve is excited to add a new expedition, the Trailblazers Expedition (TBX)!

The goal of TBX is to improve life skills, problem solving, and adaptability. TBX will also give campers a chance to give back to the preserve by making an impact that will be enjoyed by future generations.

The details:
TBX is GRP’s newest and longest expedition designed exclusively for rising seniors in high school, rising college freshmen and gap year students. As a wildlife preserve and conservation property, expeditioners can expect to explore parts of the 3400-acre property many base campers will never see. Expeditioners can also expect to be challenged both physically and mentally, as they embrace leadership learning opportunities while constructing and repairing trails around GRP base camp. We will reap our service rewards and spend the last week of our adventure with a culminating backpacking and/or canoeing trip chosen by the group of expeditioners. This one and only three week expedition is designed to enhance leadership and life skills, outdoor living skills, teamwork, self awareness and understanding through a medium of service and community learning.

Upon arrival at Green River Preserve, we will settle into our base camp, get to know each other, and prepare for an adventure we will never forget! Our expedition will see us take part in a project as we help to construct and reconstruct trails around Green River’s base camp. We will roll up our sleeves and clear trails, help build water bars to prevent erosion, and build footbridges to better the trail system around GRP.

Although we have all gathered to help with this project, there will be time to relax and enjoy the scenery. We will hike to some of our favorite places on the preserve and polar bear in streams and falls. Each day classes will be taught by mentors, focusing on leadership skills and qualities you will carry with you for the rest of your life. Lessons learned from these classes will be immediately applied in the field in our day-to-day trail building activities. As an expeditioner, you will discover setting goals, planning, preparing, efficiency, and teamwork will be our tools for making a successful experience. At GRP, we know these skills not only apply in the field, but to life’s adventure.

The final days of the expedition will be spent leading Group Learning Projects with GRP base campers and exploring the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina. Expeditioners will teach GRP’s three-week campers what trail building and constructions entails and showcase their service project to the camp. Afterwards, we will take off on a week long adventure chosen and lead by the expeditioners themselves. Expeditioners can expect to leave with a toolbox of life skills, a certificate of community service work, and an experience they will never forget!

There is limited space on this expedition, so sign up early!