Newfound Appreciation

By Green River Preserve

Today was the first full day back from Campout! With a newfound appreciation for running water and the lightness of day packs, the campers embarked on their Mentor hikes this morning. There were Cherokee Head-Dunkers, Salamanders, and Polars Bears abounding. One group had the chance to see and observe a box turtle, while another spent time exploring the many facets of the cave and learning about the history of the land. During lunch, campers received their much-awaited GLP schedules, and were happy to know what they would be spending their GLP days learning.

After lunch and—of course—Rest Hour, there were new activities to begin! Bows were freshly loaded, climbing gear donned, and yoga mats unrolled as campers dove into their new schedules. During Free Time the pottery studio was abuzz with campers painting their freshly fired pieces of pottery, and the lake with fly rods in search of fish.

Dinner had a new energy as campers settled back into the routine of daily base camp life. Nothing, though, compared to the energy afterwards in preparation of the long-awaited evening activity: Capture the Flag! The teams were revealed and everyone rushed back to their cabins to apply the proper shades of face paint and T-shirts. After a lengthy game full of charges and strategic maneuvers, the camp reunited once more to sing “Sisters, Brothers” and head to their beds to prepare for tomorrow.

Jaclyn Burton//TC2