No Such Thing as a Rain Check

By Green River Preserve

At camp, we have a limited time to pack in as much excitement as possible; meaning that rain never

cancels plans. It might change them, though.

Last night’s evening program of Mountain Party was to be a field day to end all field days.

Watermelon, a slip-and- slide, cuddly bunnies, and lots of Frisbees as far as the eye could see across

the front field.

Then it started to sprinkle. Then it started to rain. Then it started to pour. In typical

mountain fashion, clear skies turned thunderous and full of lightning faster than you can say


In an amazingly coordinated feat, all children were flagged down and ushered into the

Gazebo as staff relocated the snack table and saved the instruments from certain doom. The rest of

the night was spent under cover until a mad dash back to the cabins. Shrieks of amusement, not

fear, echoed through Base Camp with the thunder. My cabin of seasoned campers was of the

opinion that the storm had turned a fun night into a memorable night, and I certainly agreed.