Not quite... (Session 6, Day 4)

By Sandy Schenck

Caroline’s mentor hike group spotted a turkey…. vulture on their hike at Hemlock Field. The campers got to see nature in action though – the turkey vulture was eating a snapping turtle carcass. The group also christened the passenger van “Big Bob.”

During one of the Long Rock/Cave hikes, Counselor Kartik, yelled, “Turkey!” The campers heard it, looked for it, but didn’t find it. In any case, according to Kristen, she had a great group of brave campers.

Bentor had his group help him to find a tipi pole. As they searched they found trees that were too short, too wide or too thin, but finally located the perfect tree. They sawed it down, carried it back to camp and stripped the bark off the tree. He thanked his group for helping him with the project.

Travis led a group of “super-strong hikers” who went from Lower Bald to Lower Bald in record time. They also did some solo sits while up there.

After a fun afternoon of activities, free time and dinner the campers enjoyed a most-definite favorite evening program – Predator Prey.

So, even though they didn’t quite spot the elusive turkey during today’s hikes, I would say the campers still had a fantastic time.